Indoor Lacrosse Ball Shooting for the Winter

Indoor Lacrosse Ball Shooting for the Winter
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Getting better at lacrosse during the winter can be a struggle for lacrosse players who can’t find a safe place to practice their skills, but Signature Premium soft lacrosse balls help more lacrosse players improve when they can’t play lacrosse outside. Designed for safe indoor lacrosse, the Signature Premium soft lacrosse ball mimics all the reactions and feel of a real lacrosse ball during play but with an incredibly soft construction. This makes the Signature Premium soft lacrosse ball the ideal choice for lacrosse coaches trying to convince their school to let them practice indoors or lacrosse players trying to get in some lacrosse training without breaking any windows. No matter who you are, the Signature Premium soft lacrosse balls can help you work on your lacrosse shooting skills in a comfortable environment without having to worry about an injury or breaking anything. Below are three quick and easy drills to help your work on your indoor lacrosse ball shooting during your lacrosse preseason.

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Indoor Lacrosse Ball Shooting Drill for Teams

Lacrosse coaches in cold climates need ways for their lacrosse teams to get their sticks tuned up for the season during the winter; but if their school is worried about damage from lacrosse balls, the team may be forced to practice outside or not at all. If these lacrosse coaches show their school or the athletic director that they’re using Signature Premium soft lacrosse balls, then they’ll be able to play lacrosse indoors without any worry. Once the lacrosse team is able to practice inside, they may want to start with partner shooting.

Indoor Lacrosse Ball Partner Shooting Lacrosse Drill

Partner shooting in lacrosse is a very easy drill to set up that can be expanded into more complex variations depending on your lacrosse team’s skill level. Your team should set up with two lines about 15 yards from the goal and 10 yards apart from each other. Stock each line with Signature Premium soft lacrosse balls and have the players begin the drill by either passing or rolling a ball to the other line. A member of the second line then will receive the pass or scoop up the ground ball and proceed to shoot, or expand upon the drill if you’re operating a more complex version. You can have your lacrosse players receive the ball and dodge to a better shooting position, pass it back to the original line and cut for another pass, or involve another player in any way you come up with. The main point of partner shooting is to have two lacrosse players involved in the drill at once with the lacrosse ball moving before the shot. Adding more to the drill helps with keeping your lacrosse players on their toes and improving their skills.

Indoor Lacrosse Ball Shooting Solo Finishing 

If you’re by yourself, working on your finishing is a great way to get some indoor lacrosse training that won’t require a lot of room and can reduce your chance of missed shots potentially causing damage. Finishing is a critically important part of lacrosse, and being able to finish your shots is an excellent way to let your teammates feel confident to pass to you when you’re open. You can set up your indoor lacrosse finishing drill with a pile of Signature Premium indoor lacrosse balls 10 yards above the lacrosse goal and five yards from the middle of the field.

For extra work, start the drill by scooping a groundball at game speed or making a pass to yourself off of a wall; but you want to get the ball and proceed towards the goal. Pick the exact spot you want to hit while you’re approaching the lacrosse goal and start your “finishing process” before you get to close and lose your angle. The “finishing process” is making a move, or a lack of a move, to gain an advantage over the goalie and then finish your shot. One great move to practice for your “finishing process” is a step and head fake to get the goalie off their line. This is done by heavily stepping towards one direction and having your head follow your step, but your stick will then go to the other direction for a finish that’s opposite of where your body is telling the goalie to look. You can expand upon your “finishing process” but should continue the drill with at least 10 sprints back to the pile of Signature Premium soft lacrosse balls and 10 shots each round.

Indoor Lacrosse Ball Shooting Release Drill

Lacrosse players need to understand that the release of their lacrosse shot controls the result, and practicing with Signature Premium soft lacrosse balls allows you to safely miss when you’re practicing lacrosse shooting indoors. To focus on your exact release point, you’ll need to restrict your ability to release from other points that are not favorable. If you are shooting on a lacrosse goal, you’ll want to set up another lacrosse goal about 10 yards above the lacrosse goal you’re aiming at. You’ll then want to work on releasing your shot with the Signature Premium soft lacrosse ball from a high enough position to go over the first lacrosse goal and hit the lacrosse goal you’re actually aiming at. The same principle can be applied with other barricades to shoot over, or around, for more control over your shooting release point. Work on hitting at least 10 shots from each release point you want to work on before moving on to another section.

Indoor Lacrosse Ball Shooting Safety

Signature Premium indoor lacrosse balls are safer for people and property than regular lacrosse balls that can cause injury or damage when traveling at high speeds. Always opt to use Signature Premium soft lacrosse balls when you’re working on your lacrosse skills indoors to avoid any unnecessary harm to anyone or anything in the vicinity of you. The special design of the Signature Premium soft lacrosse ball is for indoor lacrosse use and makes teaching youth lacrosse players much easier because of the soft feel. You can increase the confidence of young lacrosse players learning to use the Signature Premium soft lacrosse ball and put the worries of athletic directors at ease thanks to this indoor lacrosse ball that’s For the Players, By the Players.

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